21 Reasons You Need Your Best Friend to Move To NYC

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21 Reasons You Need Your Best Friend to Move To NYC


It’s hard having a long distance relationship with your best friend, but it’s even harder when you live in the best city on earth and they don’t. Here are all the reasons you need them to move here ASAP:


1. So you can stalk your favorite celebrities together


2. And go to all the hipster concerts that no one else likes

3. So you can have picnics in Central Park

central park picnic
4. Because you can’t split a New York pizza over Skype

[Garrett Ziegler]
5. And who wants to eat a hotdog alone?

[Herman Yung]
[Herman Yung]
6. You need someone to go on double dates with

double date

7. And laugh about how bad they were afterwards

bffs laughing

8. When it gets hot you need a beach buddy

9. And when it gets cold you need a skating partner

[Disney|ABC Television Group]
[Disney|ABC Television Group]
10. Maybe your best friend can even be your roommate

minions excited

11. You can adopt a new friend together

[Ruth Raymond]
[Ruth Raymond]
12. And every night will be a Netflix and ice cream night

ice cream cartons

13. Then you need a running buddy to burn off all those ice cream calories

14. Your best friend will never judge you for how many hours you work

meredith and christina

15. Or how much food you eat

eating chocolate gif

16. Or how many embarrassing selfies you take

best friend selfie

17. Nobody parties with you like your best friend

party gif

18. Because they’ve seen all your worst moments

bffs drinking

19. And all your best

bff best moments

20. And no matter what they’ll always get you home

carry home

21. Because best friends always look out for each other

best friends final

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