21 Reasons Why New Yorkers Are The Most Resourceful People On The Planet

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

21 Reasons Why New Yorkers Are The Most Resourceful People On The Planet


You have to get pretty creative in order to survive in this city. We wrote you a list of NYC life hacks, but we know you can do most things on your own. Here are 21 reasons why New Yorkers are the most resourceful people on the planet:


1. We have to optimize time because our schedules are always full.

2. We need Hufflepuff level skills in order to find out where our packages go.

3. We can always come up with ways of creating more space.

4. Like this

NYC life hacks
[Shelf Genie]
5. and this

NYC life hacks
[Apartment Therapy]
6. and this.

NYC life hacks
7. We have an app for just about everything.

8. To cut down on spending, every item has multiple purposes.

9. Like a broom is also a cockroach killer.

killing bugs with broom

10. Don’t even think about replacing something that broke.

11. Duct tape is always a good repair option.

12. Same goes for home repairs.


13. It takes a lot of work to prevent your house plants from dying.

14. Unless you’re rich, everyone’s apartment has a plumbing problem.

15. Everyone is always missing at least one kitchen appliance.

16. So you do things like making toast in the oven.

toast in an oven

17. We need to be able to deal with insufferable roommates.

18. Post-Its sometimes work.

[The Black Sheep]
[The Black Sheep]
19. Everyone’s always trying to make extra money.

20. By whatever means necessary.

21. And we can always find a bargain.


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