21 Reasons Brooklyn Is The Best Borough In NYC

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

21 Reasons Brooklyn Is The Best Borough In NYC

It’s time for Manhattan’s reign as the king of boroughs to come to an end. Brooklyn is taking over this city. Here’s why:


1. Most of the city’s best food establishments were in Brooklyn first.

2. This is the home of Nathan’s Famous, Roberta’s, Peter Lugar Steakhouse, and Baked.

3. Brooklyn is also the home and birth place of Smorgasburg.

4. Brooklyn has a much wider range of housing options.

5. And it doesn’t have that stale garbage/asphalt/diesel exhaust smell.

6. Brooklyn has this awesome tree with all these stuffed animals on it:

stuffed animal tree
7. Brooklyn has way more trees in general.

8. And Prospect Park is actually far better than Central Park.

[Wally Gobetz/Flickr]
[Wally Gobetz/Flickr]
9. People who live in Brooklyn are just cooler than people who live in Manhattan.

10. Manhattan is full of stuffy corporate finance and tech people.

11. Or rich people who are too snobby for their own good.

12. Brooklyn is the borough of artists, thinkers, and revolutionaries.

[TatteredFedoraFlow /Instagram]
13. Brooklyn is the borough that really never sleeps.

14. Brooklyn is actually the best place to go to see holiday lights.

15. All the cool celebrities live in Brooklyn.

16. In Brooklyn you can have excitement when you want it, and quiet when you need it.

17. Brooklyn is the most romantic borough.

18. Brooklyn is free of all those annoying tourist attractions.

[Doug Menuez]
[Doug Menuez]
19. The Brooklyn Bridge is everyone’s favorite bridge.

20. Waterfront Park is actually the best view in the whole city.

21. Manhattan is better seen from a distance, not lived in.



Cover photo credit: dumbonyc/Flickr

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