21 Brilliant Excuses Not To Go Out In NYC This Winter

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

21 Brilliant Excuses Not To Go Out In NYC This Winter


The partying in the city doesn’t end just because it’s cold. But if you’re not as into clubbing in freezing temperatures as your friends are, you can use one of these excuses not to go out with them:


1. “I’m still hungover from last night.”

2. “I have no cash and everywhere has a 20 dollar card minimum.”

3. “I have to be home because the super is coming to fix my radiator. Yeah…they only work nights now.”

4. “I don’t have any clean clothes.”

no clean clothes

5. “I have a big freelance project due tomorrow. No seriously…”

6. “I have a phobia of rats and I’m hiding out until the city’s rodent problem is resolved.”

7. “I injured my foot and can’t wear heels so I can’t get into the club.”

8. “All my food is about to expire so I need to stay home and eat it.”


9. “I pulled an Amy Schumer and ended up in Staten Island last night. Still trying to get back to Manhattan.”

10. “I lost my MetroCard.”

11. “Honestly I’d rather just stay home and listen to Adele’s new album.”

12. “I already have plans with my other friends.”

40 year old virgin

13. “To get there I’d have to go through Rockefeller Center.”

14. “Uber is at surge pricing right now.”

15. “I’m a method actor researching the role of a 45 year old.”

16. “My roommates are slobs so I need to stay home and clean.”

roommate cover

17. “I have food poisoning. Apparently the health department closed down that Chinese place I always go to.”

18. “After Black Friday shopping I can’t spend money for at least two months.”

19. “I have no hot water so I can’t shower.”

20. “I’m just gonna take a quick nap. I’ll text you when I wake up.”

21. “Honestly I’d rather just stay home and play with my cat.”

play with cat


Cover photo credit: We Love Cats And Kittens

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