20 Things We Definitely Won’t Miss About Summer

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

20 Things We Definitely Won’t Miss About Summer


We’re ready to say goodbye to subway stations as hot as saunas, and hello to pumpkin spiced lattes and the leaves changing colors in Manhattan. As we prepare to say goodbye to the NYC summer, here are 20 things we definitely are not going to miss:


1. Overcrowded parks

2. (Nearly) naked sunbathers

3. Impossibly long lines for the zoos

4. Getting caught in thunderstorms with no umbrella

caught in rain

5. The ice in your ice coffee melting between the coffee shop and your office

6. Your sandals that keep your feet cool also have no arch support

7. The Brooklyn Bridge City Hall subway station

8. Pretty much any subway station that isn’t Fulton Street

fulton subway station

9. Sweating while waiting for the subway and your sweat has nowhere to go

10. Re-applying deodorant 3 times on your way to work

11. The particularly pungent smell of B.O. on the subway

12. Your co-worker’s egg salad lunch which already spoiled on his way over


13. Going to work in summer clothes and then shivering in the AC

14. Coming home to an apartment with no central AC

15. Feeling like you need a shower before and after work

16. Your window AC unit breaking because, well, it’s a window AC unit


17. Your pet wanting to sleep on top of you when your window AC unit is broken

18. Walking 2 or more blocks to do laundry or buy groceries

19. The amplified smell of rotting garbage

20. Tourists (but we can’t ever get rid of them)

tourists cover


Cover photo credit: Nina M. Chung

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