20 Important Skills You Learn Living In NYC

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

20 Important Skills You Learn Living In NYC


There are a lot of skills you have to learn in order to survive in this city. You may not be able to put all of them on your resume, but they’re definitely still worth something. Here are 20 that you must have mastered by now:


1. Fast walking

2. Super fast walking

3. Smart shopping (a.k.a. bargain hunting)

4. Creative storage

creative storage

5. Crossing the street against the light without getting run over

6. Living without air conditioning

7. Staying awake (mostly)


8. Finding good, cheap coffee

9. Walking through a seemingly impenetrable crowd of people without bumping into anyone

10. Turning trash into treasure

trash sculpture

11. Surviving for weeks with no food in the fridge

12. Carrying groceries four or more blocks

13. Handling a busy schedule


14. Doing eyeliner on the subway

15. Shaving on the subway. …wait actually maybe not.

16. Multitasking

[Good News Network]
[Good News Network]
17. Finding places to go to the bathroom

18. Finding an apartment in 24 hours or less

19. Avoiding scams

20. Making ends meet

we got a dollar


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