17 Struggles New Yorkers Face Now That Darkness Falls at 5

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

17 Struggles New Yorkers Face Now That Darkness Falls at 5


The sun set at 4:43 yesterday. Four. Forty. Three. In the summertime at 4:43 you’re sunbathing in Central Park or on the beach. Here are 17 struggles all New Yorkers are facing now that the sun sets before 5pm:


1. You can’t leave work for at least another hour, but you’re falling asleep because it’s pitch black out.

duck falling asleep

2. The fluorescent lighting in your office feels particularly brutal.

flourescent lights

3. If your boss asks you to stay later, there’s an increased probability that you will stab him.

jon stewart angry

4. When you finally leave work, going to the gym is just not worth it.

lazy gym

5. Actually you have no energy for anything in the evening, except watching Netflix.

watching tv

6. Cooking is out of the question, so you’re ordering take-out every night.

[Sarah Ross]
[Sarah Ross]
 7. So you’re broke.

spending money

8. Or maybe you’re so tired when you get home that you forget to eat dinner and just go straight to bed.

going to bed

9. This cannot be healthy.

shaking head

10. You can’t stay awake long enough to get out to the club at 11pm.

pug falling asleep

11. Even happy hour feels like a chore.

falling asleep at office

12. Early evening walks in Central Park make you feel like you’re going to be the victim in an episode of Law and Order.

[Douglas Arruda/Flickr]
[Douglas Arruda/Flickr]
13. Can’t take the shortcut home anymore. Nope. That sidestreet is way too sketchy when it’s dark.


14. If it’s raining you might as well not even bother going to work.

don't want to get up

15. Should you leave the light on for yourself for when you get home?

[Vox Efx/Flickr]
[Vox Efx/Flickr]
16. You might be suffering from SAD.


17. And that gives everyone the sads.

leah michelle crying


Cover photo credit: Theodore Lee/Flickr

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