13 Times The People Of Penn Station Instagram Was All Of Us

Nora Barnicle Nora Barnicle

People of Penn station stormtrooper

From one too many froyo choices to wacky weather patterns (80 degrees in April?!), life in this city can sometimes be rough. Here are thirteen New Yorkers who we can all relate to. At least a little bit.


1. When your Tinder date turned out a bit different than you had imagined

2. When your landlord wouldn’t let you decorate and you were left with just one choice


3. When you couldn’t afford SoulCycle’s steep prices



4. When you didn’t want to go home for Thanksgiving and your entire family came to you


5. When you creeped on your neighbors like…


6. When you took your hipsterdom to a whole new level


7. When your roommate said she needed the apartment for “a few hours” to be with her boo


8. When you had to do the walk of shame the day after Halloween


9. When your building didn’t allow dogs


10. When you had to go to Coney Island and wear sandals for the first time all season


11. When dating in New York got too damn hard


12. When your outfit was on fleek because your crush was gonna stop by the party


13. And when you pregamed on the way to the club because the B train was slow AF


Featured cover image: Instagram/People of Penn Station

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