13 Things That All New Yorkers Can Agree On

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

13 Things That All New Yorkers Can Agree On

There are all types of people in New York, all with different opinions. But there are certain things that we can all agree on. Here are 13 of them:


1. Pick up your dog poop

NYC people are usually pretty good about this, but there’s nothing worse than when you’re trying to have a nice picnic lunch in the park and you suddenly realize you’re sitting in dog crap. Just pick it up, people.


2. Stay. To. The. Right.

[Kevin Christopher Burke/Flickr]
[Kevin Christopher Burke/Flickr]
Or prepare to get trampled by the mob of people who just got off the subway and actually follow the rules about which side of the staircase to use.


3. Passengers get off first

[Streets Blog]
[Streets Blog]
Let people get off the subway before you get on, or be prepared to get body checked by a huge person who’s pissed that you’re not doing it right.


4. This is what makes a good bagel/pizza

[Yelp/Absolute Bagels]
[Yelp/Absolute Bagels]
We might have the highest standards of any city when it comes to pizza and bagels. But since ours are the best, those standards are very well justified.


5. MTA will screw you over when you need them most

[Sascha Kilmer]
[Sascha Kilmer]
On the day that you really need to be on time for that important meeting where you try to impress your boss and possibly get a promotion, the Q train just ghosts you.


6. City taxes suck

broken piggy bank

Benjamin Franklin said only two things in life are inevitable: death and taxes. But he didn’t say anything about NYC taxes on top of your federal and state. Ugh.


7. We don’t need that $2.5 billion streetcar

[Mayor's Office]
[Mayor’s Office]
If this is what that extra tax money is going to, there are going to be a lot more people who start changing their addresses to make it seem like they live with their parents upstate.


8. This city could really use more bathrooms

bathroom cover photo

Is that too much to ask?


9. Tourists are the most annoying people

[Doug Menuez]
[Doug Menuez]
They walk too slowly, they take selfies in the middle of the sidewalk, they ask questions you don’t feel like answering. Next time, try pulling one of these jokes on them.


10. Avoid Times Square

[David McSpadden]
[David McSpadden]
And Rockefeller Center, and the Statue of Liberty—all the places where all the tourists are. It’s just not worth it.


11. The Patriots are the worst

tom brady
[Keith Allison/Flickr]
Every year that the Patriots don’t win a Super Bowl is a good year.


12. We’re better than New Jersey

welcome to new jersey

We all know what side we’re on in the New York-New Jersey rivalry.


13. We’re lucky to live here

everyday smiles cover
[Tina Leggio/Flickr]
This is one of the most expensive cities in the world. If you didn’t like it here, you wouldn’t be here. So be thankful every day that you live in this awesome place.


Cover photo credit: Richard Ricciardi/Flickr

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