13 Breathtaking Images of a Frozen New York City

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The huge winter storm, referred to as a “bomb cyclone”, that crawled it’s way up the east coast and hit New York City froze the city solid. Not only was the city covered in snow, it turned into the worlds largest ice cube.

The temperature in NYC left many New Yorkers spinning around singing “Let it Go”. Thankfully, in between Disney songs, many intrepid Instagrammers managed to take some shots to preserve the extreme weather for posterity. Check them out.

Frozen fountain in Bryant Park

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Bryant Park is basically a block of ice

The Hudson frozen over.

…it looks like an ice rink

Wow! no matter the temperature, the city is still beautiful.

People walking on the lake by Bow Bridge in Central Park

Conservatory Water in Central Park

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An aerial view of Central Park frozen solid

Breathtaking! It’s a winter wonderland.

Not even the subway escaped the deep freeze.

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Someone was thinking about our fearless girl

Madison Square Park looks so beautiful

The poor ducks in Central Park

Featured image source [Wikimedia Commons | instagram/merzdotes]