10 Ways To Make Extra Money In The City

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

10 Ways To Make Extra Money In The City


You might need it to pay the rent, or you might need it for your “fun fund.” Everyone in the city could use a little extra dough. Here’s everything you need to know to make some recreational money in New York:


1. Join Uber

[Paul J. Richards]
[Paul J. Richards]
If you have a car, you can use it to drive people around, and get paid for it. You can set your own schedule. One night of cab driving equals one night of beer money.


2. Sell your old stuff at a flea market

[H is for Home]
[H is for Home]
Never wore that ugly sweater Aunt Sally gave you for Christmas last year? Still haven’t put batteries in that cuckoo clock from your grandma? People will pay cash money for that junk. “Vintage,” they’ll call it.


3. Walk dogs

[Ben Chapman]
[Ben Chapman]
The going rate for one walk in the city is about $25. Take as many leashes as you can hold, and drinks are on you tomorrow night.


4. Sell pizza outside of clubs

shitty pizza

2 a.m. is prime munchies time.


5. Take tourists for a ride

[Elvert Barnes]
[Elvert Barnes]
Some people who come to visit New York are too lazy to actually walk around and see it themselves. You’ll have to make the investment in one of these carts to attach to your bike, but you’ll be raking in the profits in no time.


6. Become a brand ambassador

[Will Taylor]
[Will Taylor]
Lots of companies will pay people to go out on the streets and promote their brand. Fever, our favorite event discovery app, is one of them!


7. Be a referee


People need refs for their rec soccer and kickball leagues. If you pick a sport with a lot of running, you can get/stay in shape.


8. Help people move


People are always moving in the city. And they’re always calling their friends to help them move, and their friends are always saying “Oh, sorry, I think I’m busy tomorrow…” So advertise yourself as a personal moving helper.


9. Bake


Everyone knows homemade is better than storebought. Bake cakes and charge in between Costco prices and high-end bakery prices. The money will be rolling in.


10. Scoop change out of a fountain when no one is looking


If all else fails. Your bank has a coin counter right?

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