10 Types Of People You See On New Year’s Eve In NYC

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

10 Types Of People You See On New Year’s Eve In NYC

New Year’s Eve is one of those wild celebrations that’s still remarkably predictable. Here are the 10 types of people you’re likely to see on your night out in NYC tomorrow:


1. The Drill Sergeant

“We are pre-gaming for exactly 60 minutes. Leaving for the party at 9:30 pm sharp. If you are not ready to go we are leaving without you!”


2. The Crier

crying under desk

Either got too drunk or is too lonely, or both. Insists on ruining everyone’s night by sobbing uncontrollably.


3. The Couple Who’s Way Too Into Each Other

pda gif

Why did you even bother coming to the party if you were just going to grope each other the whole time? You know you’re not supposed to start making out until midnight, right?


4. The Couple Who’s About To Break Up

break up

Making a New Year’s Resolution to make their mutual friends’ lives miserable.


5. The one who’s desperate for a New Year’s kiss


We get it, being single on New Year’s Eve can be sad. But flirting with everyone in the room isn’t helping your case. You’re only making it worse for yourself.


6. Girls In Sparkle Mini Dresses And No Coats

How are you limbs not icicles?!?!?


7. The One Glued To The TV

And trying to quiet everyone down to watch it. “Shhhhh! Pentatonix is performing!”


8. The Overzealous Rager

[Thought Catalog]
[Thought Catalog]
Puking/passed out before the ball even drops.


9. The Endurance Partier

little drunk

Clearly planning on going until 6am. Pacing themselves enough so that they can still walk straight, and has a list of all the parties they’re planning on hitting in their back pocket.


10. Your Ex

your ex


It’s a huge city. How does this always happen?


Cover photo credit: Jeremy Lim/Flickr

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