10 Rules of Subway Etiquette, Explained In Gifs

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

10 Rules of Subway Etiquette, Explained In Gifs
It seems like some people just don’t understand the proper way to ride the subway. Maybe they’ll get the message if we explain the rules using gifs:

1. Don’t play your music too loud. And don’t be this person:

headphones dancing


2. Don’t eat anything smelly or gross like this:

subway sandwich


3. Don’t try and make conversation with anyone. Because this is what they’ll say:

cameron diaz fuck off


4. Fold your newspaper at small as you can fold it and still be able to read it. In fact, better to read it like this:



5. If you spill your beverage, wipe it up.

jon steweart glass


6. If it’s rush hour, make room. There’s always more room.

subway sped up


7. But still, try your hardest not to touch anyone. If you think you’re already trying, try harder.

personal space


8. Take your damn backpack off! You may not feel it, but you’re hitting people.



9. Definitely don’t do this:

seinfeld subway


10. And most important, don’t be one of those people who tries to get on the subway before everyone gets off.

oprah angry


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