10 Of New York City’s Best Kept Secrets

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Man finds gold on streets of NYC

Think you know everything there is to know about New York City? Check out some of its best kept secrets and test your knowledge. How many did you get?


1. There’s a bunch of gold underground

Scrooge McDuck gold
Twenty-five percent of the world’s gold bullion is stored in a vault 80 feet under the Federal Reserve Bank on Wall Street.


2. Ladies can show their boobies if they want

Kirsten Dunst topless
It’s not a widely promoted law, and we’re sure you’d get some funny looks, but women are free to walk around topless if it takes their fancy – as long as it’s not for business.


3. Your smokes aren’t legal

Ron Burgundy doesn't believe you
If you smoke, chances are you’ve been puffing on illegal cigarettes. Six out of every 10 smokes sold in NYC are smuggled in illegally from other states.


4. There’s a secret train station

Waldorf Astoria Secret Train Station
[Daily Mail]
You don’t have to run through a magic wall to get there like in Harry Potter, but there is a secret train station in the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. President Roosevelt used it to hide the fact he was paralyzed.


5. There’s free gold in the street

Man finds gold on streets of NYC
[NY Post]
There’s so many pieces of gold, diamond and other precious metals in the cracks of New York City streets, you could make over $800 a week if you decided to mine it. Unless this guy beats you to it.


6. Einstein’s eyes are locked up in NYC

Einsteins eyes in a jar
[Deviant Art/The Tytan]
World-renowned genius Albert Einstein’s eyeballs are stored in a safe deposit box in the city. They were given to Einstein’s eye doctor by the surgeon who removed his brain for experiments after his death.


7.  There’s things living in your drinking water

Ellen water spit take
Every time you drink a glass of tap water, you are also consuming tiny little shrimp called codepods. They were added to help keep the water clean.


8.  Some houses aren’t houses at all

Fake house in Brookyln
[Untapped Cities]
There are some fake houses in NYC that are there to hide secret entrances for subway maintenance. (The one in the middle is fake).


9. Most crosswalk buttons don’t work

NYC crosswalk idiot buttons
[New York Times]
The majority of crosswalk buttons in NYC do absolutely nothing to change the lights. The city didn’t want to pay to have them removed when they moved to an automated system. People still like pushing them though.


10. There’s a private island that’s probably haunted

Hart Island burial ground
[AM New York]
If you die in NYC and nobody claims your body, you are buried on a secret, private island off the coast of the Bronx. Almost 1 million bodies have been buried there.

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Featured cover image: NY Post

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