10 New NYC Reality TV Shows That Somebody Needs To Make Happen

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

10 New NYC Reality TV Shows That Somebody Needs To Make Happen


Every new reality TV show is weirder than the last one. Just when you think they must have run out of ideas by now, you see a commercial for a new one about little people, giant people, Amish people, virgins, or women becoming nuns. Just to throw some more ideas into the pot, here are 10 reality TV shows that could be made about NYC people:


1. The Search for the Next NYC Bus Tour Guide 

tour guide

Do you have what it takes to ride around the city with annoying tourists telling them what all the things are? Prepare for the competition where the contestants must prove their worth by doing impossible tasks like juggling while the bus is moving and giving the tour with a blindfold on.


2. NYPD True

With as many crime dramas as we’ve made about the New York City Police Department, there’s never been a reality TV show about the New York City Police Department. So let’s make one. Disclaimer from the beginning that this will never be as good as any of the fictional shows.


3. Pimp my Hole in the Wall 

[Erin Sparling]
[Erin Sparling]
A cross between Kitchen Nightmares and Pimp My Ride. Pretty self explanatory.


4. Insomniac City

staying awake

This is either a reality competition to decide who can stay awake the longest, or a sad scripted reality show about a bunch of twenty-somethings who go clubbing every single night and only pretend to like each other.


5. How Broke Can You Be?

how broke can you be

“I’m so broke I routinely farm change from fountains.”  “I’m so broke I go on dates just to get a free meal.” “I’m so broke I’m renting out my bathtub.”


6. The Roommate 


Modeled off of the bachelor—a single person who recently moved to the city needs a roommate but has to try out 20 of them before they can decide. It all comes down to the heart-wrenching decision in the season finale. But it could end early if the person picks 4 roommates to keep the rent low.


7. Central Park Squirrels

[Zoli Juhasz]
[Zoli Juhasz]
Did Meerkat Manor count as a reality TV show? Well, anyway, do the same basic thing but with squirrels.


8. Urban Hunters 

scavenger hunt 2

A show about people who go on scavenger hunts in the city. Cue all of the staged shots of the team running through the streets with dramatic music playing in the background.


9. My Thespian Life

[The Broadway Blogger]
[The Broadway Blog]
Chronicles the daily lives of struggling NYC actors—casting calls, rehearsals, part time food service jobs, and “that back-stabbing bitch stole the part I wanted and you better believe she’s going to pay for this” revenge sequences.


10. The Real Newsroom 


Composed entirely of actual footage from New York Times headquarters. There’s no way this would ever happen but we can dream.

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