10 NYC Foods that are Better in the Winter

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Winter can be pretty brutal in NYC and the one true way to get through it all is with food. Warm, delicious food. And some foods, although you can get them all year round, taste way better in the winter.



Any pizza from anywhere will get you feeling good this winter. Pile it high with toppings or keep it plain cheese. Either way, a hot slice of pizza is the best when you’ve been walking in the freezing cold. Warm cheese will warm your heart!



Hale & Hearty is a staple of New York City. Everyone has had lunch at least once at a Hale & Hearty and while soup all year round is cool, there’s nothing better than a perfect clam chowder or tomato soup in the deep winter. When work is leaving you dead inside, revive it with some soup.



Whether it’s fancy ramen from Ippudo or something more simple off St Marks, the winter and ramen go hand in hand like a loving couple walking in the snow. OK, that might have been a bit dramatic but that warm broth, soft noodles and delicious pork will make you forget its 20 degrees. Almost.



Fondue is one of those foods that seems to only come into style during the winter, but that’s ok. Plenty of restaurant and bars in the city offer it all year round, but even more add it to the menu during the winter. Whether it’s cheese or chocolate, grab a date and make it happen.

Spicy Hot Chocolate 


You can grab a spicy hot chocolate from many places in the city; everything from the bigger chocolate companies to small local coffee shops. With bit of spicy pepper thrown in, it’ll make you feel warm and toasty and also clear up that sinus congestion. You’re welcome.

Hot Pastrami on Rye 


A New York classic, but it’s even better during the winter. When you’re craving a good sandwich that will keep the cold out, a hot pastrami on rye is perfect. Don’t forget the mustard.

Hot Apple Cider 


A winter time classic, a great cup of hot apple cider can be found at most of the holiday markets that pop up around the city. Grab one before you go ham on Christmas gift shopping.

Fried Chicken & Gravy 


The easy replacement for Thanksgiving turkey, at any time of the winter. There’s tons of feel good comfort food restaurants in the city that can serve you up some fried chicken and gravy. Make it fancy with mashed potatoes and cornbread and it’s like a holiday dinner all over again.

Lobster Grilled Cheese 


There’s nothing better in the winter than Luke’s lobster grilled cheese. If you love seafood and you love cheese, what better way to combine the two? Add a side of tomato soup to dunk as needed.

Chili con Carne 


If all else fails, go straight for chili con carne. A meaty, heavy chili will warm your belly and keep you satiated for any long snowy jaunts through Central Park.

Featured image source: Photo Modified: Flickr / Ernesto Andrade / CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons