10 Good Things That Happened This Week In NYC

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

10 Good Things That Happened This Week In NYC

They say no news is good news. But we don’t want that to be true. So we put together a list of 10 good things that happened in NYC this week.


1. After a huge controversy, THINX’s advertisements for absorbent period underwear were approved to go in the Bedford Avenue L subway station.

[THINX/Miki Agrawal]
[THINX/Miki Agrawal]
2. There’s a new law that will require most businesses to give their employees tax-free metro cards. It will go into effect in January.

[ ]
3. Century 21 prohibited its employees from ushering breastfeeding mothers into changing rooms, so they’re now officially complying with New York law.

century 21

4. There’s a new service which is like Uber, but for mopeds, coming to NYC. It’s called Vespa.

5. REI decided to close on Black Friday.

[Business Insider]
[Business Insider]
6. There’s a new law which officially allows dogs at outdoor tables in restaurants in NYC.

dog tea time

7. Quentin Tarantino flew to New York to join the Rise Up October movement to end police brutality and the corruption of the justice system.

[Conservative Angle]
[Conservative Angle]
8. There’s a New York rabbi encouraging Jews to use Grindr to come together as a community.


9. Uber delivered kittens all day Thursday to celebrate National Cat Day.

cat cover
10. And of course, hundreds of dogs were adorable at the Tompkins Square Park dog Halloween parade.

halloween dog parade cover


Cover photo credit: Roman Kruglov/Flickr


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