Tom Holland Spotted In Queens On The Set Of Spider-Man Wearing “Hello Kitty” PJs

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Queens’ favorite fictional son, Spider-Man, is heading to cinemas next summer. While the plot is still a mystery, Tom Holland was seen filming on the streets of Astoria, Queens.

Unfortunately Holland wasn’t wearing the iconic red and blue Spidey-suit as you might expect. He was stood in the street wearing some cute P-Js:

The 20-year-old sported a “I survived my trip to NYC” t-shirt and pink Hello Kitty pajamas for the scene.

We’re glad to see that Marvel are rendering Spidey with some humor. The new movie, “Spider-Man: Homecoming”, is said to have a “John Hughes” feel… if you don’t know who John Hughes is, close the device you’re reading this on and watch the breakfast club immediately.

Featured image source [justjared]

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