What Real New Yorkers Have to Say About Snapchat Specticles

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We’re two days into NYC’s Snapchat-Spectacle-ification… so the big question is, what do NYers think? …and more specifically, what do the SecretNYCers think? Make your voice heard at the bottom of this post. Until you get there check out the vibe on twitter:

Some New Yorkers are offering words of wisdom:

Some couldn’t contain their excitement:

This dude couldn’t wait to “snap” the city:

Is that a minion?

Buy a pair of photo-taking glasses for $130, take a photo of yourself with your cellphone:

Step 1, complain about the wait. Step 2, wait anyway:

Haters gonna hate:

Some NYers seem to have a problem with impulse control:

That’ll teach them:

Snapchat Spectacles, before they were cool

Ooooh, they’ll come:

A Snapchat black-market is growing:

What do you guys think of this phenomena that has made it’s way to NYC?:

Featured image source [usatoday]

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