NYC’s Largest Tourist, A Humpback Whale, Has Been Seen Around Liberty Island

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A whale has been seen swimming off the coast of Liberty Island and his agenda appears to be purely touristic.

When thinking about places to go whale watching in the US, your mind probably immediately goes to the West Coast, California or even Alaska. Lets not forget that our own Long Island gets it’s fair share of love from our giant water-bound friends. They head towards New York to feast on schools herring, sand eels and marine crustaceans that live off of our coast.

Early on Thursday morning the Coast Guard received reports from boaters about the whale, thought to be a humpback, in NY Harbor. Petty Officer Steve Stromeir told CBS that the whale didn’t appear to be injured and was just swimming around the island.

“The Coast Guard has put out a safety broadcast, just a notice to mariners to proceed with caution in the area of Liberty Island and just keep a look out and call in with further reporters if the whale has been sighted again or has moved.”

The sightseeing whale had been spotted a few times along the Hudson River and in the waters off of Hell’s Kitchen near the Lincoln Tunnel. We wish him the best of luck with his tourism. Someone get that guy a XXXXXXXXL I *Heart* NY T-shirt.

There she blows. #hudsonriverwhale

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A video posted by Daniel Gallagher (@dgallagher105) on

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