NYC’s Key To Fitness Lies Behind Bars

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If you keep up with with fitness trends, then you’ve probably already been to Twerking Classes, Kangaroo Jumping or Hoopilates (A combination of the Hula Hoop and Pilates)… well, maybe not the last one.

A brand new fitness fad has hit NYC, and this one may actually work. ConBody in NYC is a prison style bootcamp led by trainers who are former inmates.  Coss Marte, founder and CEO, dealt marijuana, cocaine, heroin and ecstasy before serving 4 years in prison, “ConBody is a prison style bootcamp derived from my prison experience where I managed to lose 70 lbs. in six months in a 9′ x 6′ cell.”

Members enter through a fake cell door, practice cardio and body-weight exercises designed to shed pounds and gain muscle, as ConBody‘s motto states, if you “do the time,” you’ll see results.

Featured image source: [nytimes]

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