Get Triggered: MTA’s MetroCard Price Hikes Start This Weekend

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35th (13)

Mark your calendar, March 19 the MTA’s new Metro Card prices go into effect… and the city growls in unison.

As many NYers abandon the subway in favor of citybikes and other cheaper or more convenient alternatives, many in the city are pondering the uncertain future that may lay ahead of the cities subway.

Back in November we told you about the fare hikes that would be coming this year. Since then it was announced that our already underfunded public transit will take a $65 million cut this year, and thanks to a New York Times report we have seen how MTA delays and services are getting worse across the city. It’s easy to see why straphangers are abandoning the subway in droves.

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The good news is that the fare for a single ride will stay at $2.75, however for those of us that buy the weekly/monthly MetroCards, we will see fare increases starting Sunday. Here’s a breakdown of the new prices:

Subway, Local Bus and Select Bus Fare $2.75
(5% bonus added
when you buy or add $5.50
or more to your MetroCard®)
Reduced-Fare $1.35
Unlimited Ride MetroCard:
30-Day $121.00 (Reduced-Fare MetroCard $60.50)
7-Day $32.00 (Reduced-Fare MetroCard $16.00)
Single Ride Ticket (sold at subway vending machines only) $3.00
Express Bus Fare $6.50
(5% bonus added
when you buy or add $5.50
or more to your MetroCard)
Reduced-Fare (off-peak only) $3.25
Express Bus Plus 7-Day (also valid on subway and local bus) $59.50
Paratransit/Access-A-Ride $2.75

For more info on the upcoming price hikes visit the MTA’s “new fare” webpage.

Featured image source [Wikimedia Commons]

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