12 Phrases That Fill Every New Yorker With Dread

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Whenever you hear or see any of these, you know you’re going to have a bad day.


1. “I’m going to raise your rent…”

crying please no

2. “30 dollar minimum”

credit card

3. “Feels like 100”


4. “No dogs allowed”

no dogs allowed
[Urban Dog NYC]
5. “An increase in MTA fares…”

[NYC Talking]
[NYC Talking]
6. “Moving to Queens”


7. “Restrooms for customers only”

paying customers only

8. “Operating with delays…”

hugh jackman

9. “Traffic on [insert bridge]”

[Mark Riley]
[Mark Riley Media]
10. “Traffic in [insert tunnel]”

[Pix 11]
[Pix 11]
11. “Closed for repairs”

[NBC News]
12. “Cancelled”


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